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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Using Cabbage to Control Weight

Although not particularly popular with young people the cabbage is an important tool in the fight against the bulge. It is one of those food stuffs that is very filling and therefore reduces the need for overeating. It also has relatively modest amounts of calories which mean that there is little harm that can be got from eating it in abundance. It has a rather unfortunate side effect that might cause offence to those around the person because it is known to lead to flatulence. However on balance one can say that the cabbage is a great addition to any diet.

The cabbage is all about the way that it is cooked. If one has had the misfortune to eat school dinners they will know what a bad cabbage meal tastes like. In those early years the cooks with the outdated methods of working would cook the cabbage to death and then boil it some more for good measure. By the time it reached the table, there would virtually be no nutrients within the cabbage and it would taste like something that has just been picked up from hell. That is the fate of those who attempted to cook the humble cabbage in this way. The children would be left with a permanently bad image of cabbage and would not be able to use it to control their weight. However the cabbage can help to obtain a balanced diet while at the same time helping those who are trying to lose weight.

There are many variations of cooking that help the cabbage to change the lifestyles of people. For example there is the notorious cabbage soup diet which has been known to cause untold social and personal problems. However the cabbage soup can be improved with the use of clever spicing and other food stuffs. The cabbage can be sliced up and used as a salad or an accompaniment. In fact some people start off the meal with cabbage so that they do not eat too much.

This is not the extent of the cabbage revolution because it is a relatively cheap foodstuff that will not affect the family budget too badly. That means that even ordinary families can afford to use the cabbage as a means of controlling the weight levels within the family. It is a dieting aid that cannot and should nto be ignored for those who are concerned about their long term health.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why some diets will simply never work for you

You might be one of those people who are the perpetual optimists that do not believe that a diet can fail them. Well I am here to inform you that a diet can fail you and it fails many people. The diet involves a large selection of variables that you may or may not be able to fulfill. The moment you fail to fulfill any of these variables then you will already be in the bracket of possible failures. Your lifestyle may be such that it is really impractical to expect that you will be able to follow the strict regimes that are prescribed by certain diets. You may also have health conditions that make it rather hard for you to follow the routines that should go s a matter of course with your diet plans. The result is that you begin to cheat on yourself and fail to take responsibility for your own body and its shortcomings.

I always believe that the principles that govern a good diet have to be relatively simple. From simplicity we can build something that is complex and very effective. In any case the more difficult a diet is to perform, the less likely that people will be able to complete it in full. Calorie counting can form the basis of your basic diet and then you can build it up slowly to include other complex factors. When you count calories you start thinking about what you are doing in a meaningful way. Food is no longer to be eaten responsibly but you have to watch out for over indulgence and eating foods that are obviously bad for you. At the same time you do not want to become an obsessive that ceases to get joy out of life. You cannot live your entire life in dieting problems.

Your body can also begin to become your enemy when it acts as if losing weight is a bad thing. If you lose too much weight through dieting the body will start thinking that you are in some sort of crisis and that it has to store food just in case you are faced with a starvation situation. Therefore it will drastically reduce the amount of energy that it expends and will start to store nutrients in the form of fat in the hope that one day this will save you from death. That is why after a certain period of dieting, the weight loss will reduce its speed of progress and you might even find that it has come to a standstill.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Assessing Whether Detoxification Processes Work

A selected number of indulged minor artists or musicians have taken the use of cleansing diets on a regular basis to new levels of wasteful luxury. It is yet another method in which they can show off their vast resources and fritter as many resources as they possibly can. The issue with modern culture is that everything that a celebrated artist does is transformed into an great act of fashion or hero worship by the gutter press . Consequently you have a selected number of really neurotic people trying to work out ways of copying their favorite minor artists or musicians in order to keep up with the cheap or popular trends.

I know someone who idolizes a vacuous indulged celebrity. She always reads the tabloid press about her to see what is the latest attempts that she is making to be in the top news. These escapades always lead her to feel depressed and lonely. In my opinion there is no reason why she keeps reading the terrible news that keeps her in a constant state of self doubt and depression. It almost seems like she likes the torture.

Detoxification diet experts do not seem able to provide data to back up their claims that it helps to reduce the amount of fat that a person has. The logical explanation would be that either they are talking nonsense or they cannot be bothered to explain to the public what their findings are. Either way it does not look good for the industry. The people who may have experienced the diets tend to talk in pure generalities and it is a nightmare to try and get information from them as to the benefits that they have received. You are therefore left with the impression that someone somewhere is hiding something.

There is great scope for showing skepticisms for the detoxification diets industry. They do not help their cause by peddling all sorts of fairy tells in the hope that the public will see them as complete triumphs of science. I am sure that it is quite possible that the detoxification diets work and that they help plenty of people to lose weight. However the sad truth is that behind all this valuable knowledge is the rather silly amounts of lies that are fostered onto the public. If the industry can change its attitude then I am sure that the public will respond accordingly. Any other alternative is akin to suicide.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The relationship between occupation and health status

We are now definitely in the area of generalized generally accepted norms, but you have all seen it before so there is no reason to pretend it doesn’t happen. We have seen the laborer who has a lean and muscular body, the cook with a rosy look, the administrator with a enlarged abdomen and the laborer with sinew. Of course these are generalizations and there will be plenty of variations as to how people look and their fat even if they employment in the same occupation. I have always believed that the employment that you do will have a profound effect on how you look. In this brief article I will try to explain some of the issues that your occupation can raise which impact on your overall fat.

If you consider that we tend to spend the majority of our lives at our places of employment, you can employment out the level of influence that our occupation can have on our fat. I am now referring to the fact that what you do outside employment is mainly to sleep so most of your active life is spent at the place where you earn a living. The habits you learn and practice there will have a profound effect on your level of fat. This is not to ignore the impact of your habits at home or during leisure time but it is a fact that the less time you spend in a place, the less the impact it will have in your overall living arrangements.

Some occupations encourage a large intake of nutrient providing substances by virtue of their own intrinsic nature. If you are a cook, you will regularly have access to nutrient providing substances and will be exposed to attractive smells on a daily basis. You will be in a position to indulge your passion for unplanned meals if you so wish. You will be in a position to have as much nutrient providing substances as you like without necessarily having to pay for it outright. This can lead you to over eat and gain fat. However if you employment in an office which does not have a cafeteria, then you will have to rely on your meager sandwich that you packed in the morning. Your nutrient providing substances intake will be considerably less than those that have unlimited access to flavorsome nutrient providing substances.

Some jobs require quite a lot of energy to be able to accomplish. The example I gave is that of the laborer who toils on a daily basis and burns more fat particles or percentages in a day than someone who goes to the gym three times a week. This means that even if that laborer is over eating, the amount of fat particles or percentages he is using up at employment more than mitigate for any excess intake that he may have consumed. This will mean that on balance he will remain healthy and relatively less over fat than someone who has a sedentary occupation yet consumes the same amount of fat particles or percentages as the laborer. That is why laborer tends to have relatively few fat issues when you compare them to other less physical occupations.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sometimes friends and family can hinder your weight loss

You might like to think that your family and friends are the ones helping you to lose weight but do you know that they may be the first people who are helping you to retain weight? This in post we will try to look at some of the ways in which your friends and family can make your fatter.

1. Family and friends may be giving you treats that will pile on the calories. This could even be following some sense of misguided loyalty but at the same time it is destroying you. I am not saying that your family is being malicious but their actions could make it much harder for you reduce you intake. I once knew of a health conscious month who kept complaining that his wife kept cooking him food that was not suitable for his diet. In this case he had blood pressure and diabetes. Meanwhile the wife thought she was doing him a favor by cooking rich foods. In the event she was gradually killing him.

2. Your friends and family are a great influence on your eating habits. If your circle of friends normally indulge then you will try to copy them, even if it is not consciously until you will acquire some of those bad habits that make losing weight a complete difficulty. If your friends are health conscious or if they keep teasing you about your weight, they could help you to focus on how you are going to improve your body shape. When you finally lose all the weight you hoped for. It is your friends who will compliment you on your achievements. They will be the ones who look out for you when you are backsliding into your old habits.

3. Your friends and family will give you the confidence to be able to try diets and exercises that eluded you for a long time. It is they who will cheer you up when things do not work out well. If you have friends who are cynical about your success or who laugh at you when you try to raise the issue of weight loss, then your journey will be that harder. Dieting is very hard work and you need good people around you to rally you when you are about to go downhill. The best people for this are your friends and family. It is even better to tell them the kind of influence they have on you so that they can make an effort to help you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

They Challenges of a High Protein Diet

Hi Guys. We now move on to a controversial topic which is the protein diet. Some people swear by them while others detest them. We all know that protein is the construction material for all body cells but too much of anything will bring problems. How then can we expect for people who eat high protein diets to lose weight? There will also be queries as to whether one can truly have a balanced diet based purely on protein. Most foods contain protein so it is not one of those foods which are scarce. It can be found in both chicken, fish, dairy products and meat. Obviously the quality of protein will vary greatly.

Although they have been reported to work very well, these types of diets are not effective or sustainable on a long-term basis. They can lead to a lack of essential nutrients and serious health complications. Looking trim does not mean that you sacrifice your precious health in the process. I would personally rather be fat than dead. If more people really cared about their health, we would have less people ending up in hospital.

High protein diets consist of fairly low carbohydrates intake and so calories are also low. The result will be some muscle loss so to offset the drop in carbohydrates and keep your calories above "starvation level," your protein intake must be increased. Proteins help to burn fat while maintaining body tissue if they figure heavily within the diet. Unfortunately good health is not just about controlling weight. It is about your general wellbeing and that is not to be compromised at the seat of transient beauty.

Be prepared to drink plenty of water as you embark on this sort of diet. You will find yourself that you feel thirsty. It also tends to make your breathe stink due to the high intake of meat products all the time. You also have to be aware that these diets usually demand that you take fewer carbohydrates which in fact provide energy to the body. You will need to take care that you do not lose the one food that is capable of giving you energy. You need energy to perform all your daily tasks.

Well that is it for tonight folks. Have a nice day and keep at it. You never know one day you might reach your ideal weight without even noticing it. I will keep checking the blog for your comments.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snacking is an Enemy to Fat Loss

Welcome to the only fat loss blogs. This is I our first posting and I will be returning every three days. As I have mentioned in all the other blogs, please feel free to add your own comments and perspectives. My idea is to make this a community blog where everyone can share ideas. Today I will be looking at some tips to help you overcome that issue of fat. Our first port of call will deal with both the dietary and non-dietary elements of weight management program.

It is important to ensure that you have some structure when dieting. It has been suggested that the best way to achieve this is to have set meal times and avoid snacking outside those meal times. Some people advise that it is better to have a series of small meals than one large meal. First of all the small meals mean that you have time to digest the food and that you don’t have the need to snack as each of those meals will act as a little snack in itself.

It is advisable to allocate a mean time and then stick to it. This should happen at particular times of the day. You can have flexibility about how you deal with cravings by changing the hours to suite your needs but try not to make the gaps between meals too long as it might disrupt how you manage your eating habits and could cause cravings.

There is a body mechanism that advises us when we need to eat and that is hunger. It is not advisable to eat when you are not angry. Food should not become a means to make you feel better about your life. This would be the unfortunate beginning of comfort eating which can have devastating effects on a diet. Do not attempt to compensate for reduced food intake by going crazy on the snacks. If you do this, the weight will go straight back on.

If you are in a position where you cannot possibly avoid snacking, it is even better to snack on vegetables and fruit. At least that way you will know that you are getting essential nutrients and are very important for your wellbeing. However you will also get the feeling of satisfaction which can reduce the incidence of cravings.

Anyway that is it for today, I wish you the very best with your dieting and especially keeping the fat away. Please do post your comments or ideas on the panel. Have a nice day.